about us

What is the Sharebus?

The centerpiece is a twelve-meter long Volvo B10M city bus, which was converted into a mobile home. The bus offers space for 10-14 people, spread over two floors, plus kitchen, bathroom, 3x12m awning, garage and lots of storage space. In order to get to any location safely, an off-road support vehicle is included.

What is the idea of the Sharebus?

Which surfer doesn’t know this experience: Vacation booked for a week and then bad conditions, but you’re stuck with it because it’s paid for. If you book the Sharebus, though, we will take you and your friends to the spots where the waves are thundering. And we offer so much more than surfing: motocross and enduro motorcycles, bikes, massage and yoga classes. There’s something for everyone, even when there aren’t big waves.